Yukti would not be possible without the help of:

KRVP was setup with the explicit purpose of the advancement of science, scientific attitude and science education (both formal and non-formal) in Karnataka, especially in rural areas.

One of KRVP's stated objective is:

"To encourage interaction among science writers, scientists, science educators, industrialists, publishers and others interested in promoting and popularizing science."

FIRA is the apex Indian rationalist body consisting of 80 rationalist bodies. FIRA is committed to the development of scientific temper and humanism in India. 

Nirmukta is an online community of rationalists and free thinkers. It maintains an active blog publishing essays on topics ranging from theological research to freethinking.

  • Karnataka State Rationalist Federation

  • Bangalore Freethinkers

Corporate Sponsors

If you represent a company, and would like to support the Yukti (in multiple ways), you can get in touch with us at yukti@nirmukta.com with your contact details. Our organizing team will get in touch with you.